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We make future technologies available now.

We are a Software House with 11+ years of experience.
Hire us for your next software development project.

I am pleased to invite you to collaborate with us. We create software that is a technological leverage for businesses. The continuous development of our experts’ skills enables us to handle projects of any scale and complexity. Feel free to contact me directly.


(PL) +48 602 171 579

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Our clients

We orbit around the stars.


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Our services

We create software that meets your business goals.

Our TechStack

Future-proof technologies cut costs in long term.


Ready-made yet highly customisable.


Are you creative agency or creative freelancer?
We need you.

We work in the model of two teams: one for creative work and one for technical tasks. Creative agencies handle the creative side, while we focus on software development. This teamwork lets us produce top-quality projects and helps agencies sell larger-scale, more challenging projects.

If you want to partner with us, write to agency@cosmonauts.dev

How we work

Simple steps that always work.



We gather requirements and create project specification.



Our developers install needed platforms and write code.



We test the created software ourselves and with client.


Go live

Software is ready. We set the date and launch the product.

Who we are

Team of talented software developers, managers, testers and analysts ready to create next software project for your company. Our company is 100% managed digitally what allows us to reduce the time and cost of software delivery from the moment of contact with the customer through the first line of code to the release of the software on a production environment. We operate in virtual world but we are a company made by real people and we cut the financial and time costs of unnecessary logistics in the software development process.

<What do we offer to clients? />
We offer a fully transparent software development process giving you the access to our CosmOS platform – from the first sales contact, through written code lines, tests, to the software production installation. We operate remotely, so we have more time for you than other companies standing in a traffic jam. We will make for your company: Website, Web App, Business App, E-Commerce store, Mobile App, Online Platforms, APIs, Databases, Integrations, Automations, DevOps, Cloud, BigData, Metaverse Tech, Blockchain, Wearable Tech, Bio-Tech.

Sounds exactly like what you are looking for?
Please contact us at: hello@cosmonauts.dev

<Who we work with? />
When you work with us, you get access to our CosmOS platform, in which we manage our company end-to-end in a transparent and automated manner. We use no-code and low-code technologies to achieve optimised and automated work environment. Work is fully remote and we meet in virtual space. You will have an impact on the development of our future tool-stack.

Do you want to work according to your own plan, from anywhere in the world? Email us: worktogether@cosmonauts.dev

We are cosmonauts.dev and have a nice day!

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We work as a network of experts, 100% remote, 100% digitally.
If you want to create the next generation company with us. We invite you to join the CosmOS.

We partner up with Cloudflare to zero out carbon emission

We gaze far beyond the stars to discern the future (or rather, the past), all while nurturing the well-being of our Home. Planet Earth.